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We have 2 gravid Regal Jumping Spiders: Expected Availability - July 2022

CLUTCH 1: Belinda x Sparkle: Belinda is a LARGE female for this species! She's very docile and easy to handle. Sparkle is average size, very calm, and also very easy to handle - and a prolific breeder! Very fast and efficient. Belinda is a darker female. 

CLUTCH 2: Tippy Toes x Sparkle: Tippy Toes is average size, very docile, but doesn't enjoy handling as much as Belinda and Pogo. She is a brown color female with lots of lovely patterns. Fantastic eater, eats from the tongs! 

Grass Spiders (Agelenopsis): AVAILABLE NOW - $12 + shipping (bulk pricing available) (SOLD OUT)

Gray Wall Jumpers: BABIES hatched March 2022! Available: Expected May 2022 (SOLD OUT)

As always, please email for purchasing.

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Join us in celebrating and loving all things spider and tarantula! We currently offer a supply of captive bred jumping spiders and their supplies. If you're looking for jumping spiders for sale, please browse our SHOP link in the menu bar above.

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