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Please note: there are NO RETURNS. We offer refunds or a new spider in the unfortunate event that any spider arrives damaged or deceased. However, with the shipping methods we have strictly outlined, that is a very unlikely scenario.

At Arachnophiles Anon, we spend months caring for all spiders before they are prepared for shipment and adoption. We make sure they have had successful molts and are eating well in order to be sure they are healthy pet specimens and for shipment. We have strict shipping policies in place to ensure safe arrival or your new friend.

We only ship via 2-day shipping to ensure fast arrival and safety for your new spider. You must be able to accept the package in person or pick up at the closest delivery hub the same day of their arrival.

If local temperatures of either our area or the destination are below 45 or above 95, we will not ship. We will delay until the next week's shipment days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to keep an eye on local weather. We will keep you notified of any shipment changes. 

Each package is insured to protect everyone involved. However, if any shipping policies are not adhered to, we can not guarantee the live arrival of your new pet. PLEASE NOTE: You must be home to accept delivery of your spider, or do same day pick up at a delivery hub in order to be given any refunds or exchanges for any shipping damages. We include a phone number with each delivery invoice so that you can contact us with any issues. ANY ISSUES must be reported the SAME DAY of delivery in order to be processed as a refund or exchange. 

Shipping and Refund Policies: Store Policies
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