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Jumping Spiders (family Salticidae) make great, easy, low maintenance and entertaining pets. They are quiet, don't take up much space, don't require interaction, and can be fed for low cost or free. 

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Jumping spiders are quite small, but enjoy being able to jump and climb around. They typically build their hammocks at the top of whatever they're in, so something with a front-opening lid is best. Something able to hold in some moisture for humidity (which not only allows them to drink, but also helps them molt safely) but also provides cross ventilation for air flow. Small, acrylic enclosures are great because you can view your spider while also providing them the space they need. 

For Juveniles, a smaller enclosure is better so that you can make sure they're eating. Something around 2-3 inches across and 3-4 inches tall should be plenty, and you could even go a bit smaller for younger slings.

For adults, I like putting them in tall enclosures that allow a lot of climbing and hiding space. Something around 5-6 inches across and 8-9 inches tall is the minimum I've been sticking to.

Add in some cork bark or twigs, a few rocks, some substrate, some moss to retain humidity, and whatever cute decor items you want to and watch your little friend explore!


Juveniles should be fed 2-3 fruit flies or a small cricket/mealworm daily depending on their size. Adults can be fed once a week or two.

Jumping spiders are avid hunters and can take down prey their size or slightly larger. Crickets, mealworms, small horn worms, flies, moths, etc. Just a reminder: crickets can harm them, so if offering crickets remember to keep them on the smaller side.

If they are hiding due to preparing to molt, offer food but remove it if it's not eaten within 24 hours. Offer again in another day or two. 


Mist the enclosure (away from the spider) once a day to make sure there is some drinking water and humidity for your spood.


We offer a range of products for your spiders - please check out our shop link for live food when available, as well as to see various products for enclosures, hides, food storage, misting bottles, tongs and more!

Jumping Spider Care: About Us


Great for young or senior jumping spiders!

This pack includes a terrestrial and an arboreal enclosure, both of which I've found incredibly useful for jumping spiders. The magnetic lids are fantastic, and the holes are tiny enough for young spoods. They measure 4 x 3.2 x 2.4 inches and are made of acrylic.

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Great for adult jumping spiders

A 5.9x5.9x10.23 inch enclosure, great size for adult jumping spiders with lots of ventilation holes and has a magnetic closure which always provides extra protection from little Houdinis escaping. Note: these holes are much too large to keep slings inside. This should be for i5 and older.

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Great for beginners!

A great, affordable, all inclusive sling enclosure. With a feeding hole, mesh vents, and tongs/pipette included, keeping and feeding a sling until it's large enough for a bigger enclosure couldn't be more simplified. I would recommend not using the fake moss, but the wood is a great place for a sling to make a hammock. 2.05 x 2.05 x 2.05 inches

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My most highly recommended enclosure for adult jumping spiders. Front opening with lots of ventilation, lots of space, and ready for your decor. You could even make it bioactive! Measures 13.7 x 13.7 x 13.7 inches

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Another great adult enclosure

This one measures 8x8x8 and also has a front opening door with a lock, lots of ventilation, and great visability. It's also stackable and has a feeding hole in the top for easy feeding and misting.

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Great for humidity

Spaghum moss is great for holding onto moisture and keeping some humidity in the enclosure.

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Great for substrate and decor

A moss sheet with adhesive backing. Great for substrate or for adding texture and decor to walls or wood.

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8" long

Great for climbing, easy to break apart into smaller sections. Affordable and can be used for multiple enclosures!

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Great for decor

A natural partnership, air plants require the same humidity and lighting as jumping spiders. A perfect partnership and beautiful decor! Can be stuck to wood with glue, or wrapped with wire.

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Great food for slings

Perfect for slings, fruit flies help them develop their hunting prowess while providing an adequate food source. Offer a few per day, remove anything not eaten within 12 hours and try again the next day.

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Great for sub adults and older

Along with other options such as crickets and dubia roaches, mealworms are a great source of food for your sub adult and older jumping spiders.

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Small crickets for your spiders

Great size that won't risk harm to your spiders. Adults could have larger, but these are great for sub adults and larger juveniles.

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